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Maximum benefit from Chlorine
The POOL WIZARD forms a stable residue in pool water which is not dissipated by sunlight. A lower free chlorine level is possible (0,5ppm) with maximum sanitisation still being achieved.
Reducing the amount of chlorine required by 75% of the recommendation.
Ozone Friendly
Because you are using less chlorine, there is a lower concentration of chlorine being evoparated into the atmosphere.
How the POOL WIZARD works
The POOL WIZARD consists of two items. A silver and copper compound and a copper coil in a sturdy plastic container. On delivery, the compound is contained inside the plastic unit. On installation, the positively charged chemical ions dissolves and is distributed throughout your pool attaching themselves to bacteria and killing them.
The water passing through the copper coil in the leaf trap, creates a magnetic field. The ions passing through this, get positively charged ready to attack the bacteria in your pool.
Important Notice
The chemical content around the element will dissolve within 24 hours. Do not discard it! The unit is designed to last for three years while the chemical content must be replaced every 9 to 12 months. Smart SMS T/A Pure Zone CC will remind you of the replacement.
Make better use of your chemicals
Maintain pH at 7.2 - 7.6 for effecient use of your pool chemicals.
Even more savings
Order a POOL WIZARD now, and we'll send you a handy set of tips on keeping your pool sparkling clean. Using these simple steps will save you time and even more money.
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